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THE KICKBACK - Episode 1 - Talking With Entrepreneur and Cut To It Podcast Co-Host Gerard Littlejohn

The Kickback is an interview series hosted by the Boardroom Vision Founder Ben Holmes. He is aiming to create content for men that are looking to be inspired, motivated, and prepared to be better leaders. With the help of each guest, Boardroom Vision is aiming to satisfy the hunger for original and authentic content that stretches from faith, finances, and business. Our guest this week Gerard Littlejohn, is an embodiment of all the 7 Key Pillars of Focus.








As recently seen on The Breakfast Club; Gerard is an entrepreneur, Co-Host of the Cut To It Podcast ft Steve Smith Sr., and been able to defy many odds that face African American men. From growing up in Lexington NC to becoming a host of one of the most prominent sport podcast on The Black Effect Network, this young man is well on his way. In this conversation Gerard speaks about faith, mental health, and networking when telling his story. This conversation gives us a quick glimpse of the man behind microphone. So grab your snacks, relax, and WELCOME TO THE KICKBACK! ENJOY!

Boardroom Vision

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Gerard Littlejohn

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