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Benjamin Holmes

The Boardroom Consultant

Ben is a Man of Faith, Husband, Father, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Banking Professional, and Personal Finance Consultant.

Boardroom Vision was created to help the everyday black family learn financial literacy. For far too long institutions have taken advantage of our people through unjust practices due to a lack of knowledge.  I'm here to help families become more financially savvy and independent.

MISSION STATEMENT: Through faith based principles, we help our culture take AUTHORITY over our finances to better serve our families and community.

VISION STATEMENT: Help close the wealth gap between Black America and the rest of the world by creating ownership using our "Boardroom Blueprint".

Content Corner

Boardroom Vision is here to give black culture the tips, resources, and life hacks needed to become the best stewards over our finances. The content we create will help transform vision into accomplishment.

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