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Meet Ben

Nothing disciplines your life like vision...

Dr. Myles Monroe

Ben Holmes is the Founder of Boardroom Vision.

As someone who grew up in a small town, I realized at an early age that people within our culture didn’t have many places to learn about financial literacy.

Then, after receiving my degree in Finance, I realized that college itself doesn't do a good job of teaching EVERYDAY financial literacy. You can easily leave college still not understanding how to buy a car, improve your credit, or purchase a home.

And that was me. I paid all that tuition, and I STILL couldn't do the everyday things needed to operate in life. However, I learned by experience and investing into more education. It was at that point, I decided I wanted to one day leverage my skills to help close the wealth gap between Black America and the rest of the world. After working in banking for over 15 years and implementing many learned principles into my own life, I decided my passion was to help our culture take back authority over our finances.

How? I created a nice, simple framework that embodies faith-based finance principles with modern-day practicality. This framework consists of five easy steps I've deemed:

"The Boardroom Blueprint":
1. Budget
2. Debt Elimination
3. Credit Focus
4. Homeownership
5. Investing

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