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Random Thoughts From The Whip: The Bible Doesn't Say Money Is the Root to Evil

Go Read It For Your Yourself...1 Timothy 6:10 Also Tap In To Give Your Comments! As a man of faith I touch on the two extreme worldviews. The Prosperity Gospel vs The Anti Wealth Crowd. I’ll save my full thought for the vid but... 1. Your bank account or health status doesn’t equate to your faith scale 2. Yes, wealth can be very dangerous; but so can fire🔥. It’s more about the intent in how you make it work for YOU! 3. The responsibility is in how we manage what’s under us. You gotta get to the💰in the right way. But check the vid, if u like what you hear make sure to like; subscribe; and follow. And if you wanna talk directly just DM “Vision” to my inbox to get a FREE Consultation. Trust me, I’m not perfect but I have a passion to help men and put other people in position to WIN. My 7 KEY PILLAR PROGRAM was built to help people avoid the same mistakes I made and bring balance to EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE! IG: @BoardroomVision FB: @BoardroomVision

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