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THE KICKBACK - Episode 6 - Discussing Credit Repair Hacks, Fatherhood, & Baseball w/ E.T.

#BoardroomVision #Motivation #Success #CreatorOnTheRise #BlackExcellence #Finance #Consulting #Coaching Errol Thomas is the owner and CEO of Thomas ans Associates Credit Solutions. Their philosophy is to serve each client with a Spirit of Excellence. They are Certified in Credit Disputing and they have valuable experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers to assert their legal rights. In this conversation, we discuss family, faith, fatherhood, leadership and CREDIT REPAIR! The myths, hacks, and tips that can help push your score up a few points. From a being a single father to helping clients of many backgrounds this conversation touches many aspects that can push a man to grow. So grab your snacks, relax, and WELCOME TO THE KICKBACK! ENJOY!

Boardroom Vision

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Errol Thomas

FB: @ThomasandAssociatesCreditSolutions


Telephone Number: (980)989-6449

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