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THE KICKBACK - Episode 9 - Talkin' Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, & Philanthropy w/ Javin Daniels

#BoardroomVision​ #Motivation​ #Success​ #BlackExcellence​ #Finance​ #Consulting​ #Coaching​ #Podcast​ #CreatorOnTheRise​ The Kickback is an interview series hosted by the Boardroom Vision Founder Ben Holmes. He is aiming to create content for men that are looking to be inspired, motivated, and prepared to be better leaders. With the help of each guest, Boardroom Vision is aiming to satisfy the hunger for original and authentic content that stretches from faith, finances, and business. Our guest this episode is the real estate don, Javin Daniels. On July 15, 2015, a 27-year-old Javin quit his job in the Financial Industry and began his first day in the real estate business. Over the next five years, a passion, relentless work ethic and a catalyst for sustained growth and success would transcend him into one of the most successful real estate brokers in Charlotte NC. After learning the nuances of the industry as a solo agent and property manager for over 100 residential and commercial properties, Javin created Daniels Real Estate Group- and a vertically-integrated mega brokerage comprising of residential sales, education, new development, and investing platform. As a prominent figure in the area, he is taking time out his busy schedule to bless the platform. We speak on a wide ranch of topics from Kicks 4 The City, Real Estate, Fatherhood and so much more. It was great conversation and I'm sure any man at any age can glean from the wisdom shared. So grab your snacks, relax, and WELCOME TO THE KICKBACK! ENJOY! Boardroom Vision FB, Twitter, IG: @BoardroomVision E-mail: Website:

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